Gone are the days when the gym was only for men. Not that women were prohibited, but because they had different roles and chores to do in the home. However, both sexes have evolved into a dynamic alliance in each other’s physical development and health. Lifting weights are for women too who want to get into muscle building for increased strength, a toned body and a great overall well-being.

There is no truth to what other people believe that women must have a separate exercise program from that of the men. Females can also follow and do the routines that male bodybuilders execute. They can even train together to make the activity more fun.

To all ladies who want to build those muscles, it is not that hard at all, as long as focus and determination are main factors to keep on going until goals are achieved. To avoid being frustrated with slow gains, knowing how to exercise properly is the key. Diet, of course, will always be vital in getting that great and lean body.

Lift heavy weights. As long as one’s form is not compromised, the heavier the weights, the more muscles are flexed, stretched and torn which will make them bigger and stronger. Make sure to rest after a total body workout to facilitate fat burning and recovery.

Repetitions must be done at a fast rate. Do not take too long until the next lift. Take just a few seconds to make another repetition.

Do not too much focus on cardio exercises. One can still do this routine for a good flow of oxygen in the muscles, but lift weights more to develop lean muscles.

Do strengthening exercises like deadlifts, squats, lunges, burpees and jumps. To maximize results, do these with weights. As long as one is able to do so without breaking from the correct physical form, then success awaits her.

There are still several other techniques in developing muscles. For women who want that lean and stronger body to aid in their daily roles and responsibilities, in the home and in the working place, lifting weights is the best way to attain such demands. The female who wants to lift weights must not fear losing that touch of femininity in her total appearance.