The need to build muscles and gain muscles has always been a key requirement for bodybuilders. Apart from the vigorous workout sessions a d constantly hitting the gym,foods also play a major role to this purpose.A proper combination of power foods should help in serving this purpose.A good diet for body builders should consist of carbs,proteins,vitamins,minerals and other important phytonutrients. In conjunction to this,most bodybuilders will advice of a six meal per day diet to achieve maximum results.

A basic diet for building muscles should have:

-Proteins that are often broken down to amino acids which are the building blocks for muscles and the repair of other tissues.
-Fats are necessary for hormone production and also reduces the inflammation due to work out.
-Vitamins and minerals that support general health and boost the immunity of the body.
-Carbohydrates that are broken down to provide energy for the body.
-Water if often overlooked but it plays a unique role in hydrating the body and keeping the circulation active.
The following foods have major effects to building the body  muscles and mass production:
-Salmon.It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and lots of proteins that help in building the body muscles in addition to having low cholesterol levels.
-Eggs. It boasts of having most nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids and proteins,vitamins and other mineral salts.
-Almonds.These nuts have fibers,protein which are essential in repairing worn out muscles and reduce joint pains
-Sweet potatoes.Apart from just being sweet,they have complex carbohydrates vitamins A and B together with fiber.It helps in fueling athletes and body builders,throughout the entire work out duration.
-Fruits.Most fruits such as apples are a good source of carbohydrates,vitamins and fibers.Their advantage is that they are as sweet as they do not have a particular time to tuck them in.
-Cereals are often used as snacks for breakfst and provide alot of calories.
-Whey is undeniably the best supplement you can buy because of its rich source of protein.

These foods,when properly incorporated into a constant balanced diet,should be so effective.Together with a healthy gym session,supplements and a couple of steroids,these should be a huge boost to your muscle building needs.